RV Roller Shades

Legacy Shades

Legacy Shades are high-quality day and night, pull-down RV roller shades with a screen shade for during the day and blackout shades for the night time. Our single shades are either an RV roller window screen shade or blackout shade.

How Do Day/Night Shades Help?

Legacy RV day and nightshades offer a thick screen shade for keeping your RV cooler during the day. Our screen shades keep 95% of light out, it helps keep heat out and adds privacy to your cabin. For night time when you want complete privacy, our combo shades include a blackout shade in several color varieties.

First, choose whether you want a day, night or day/night combo RV roller shades, and then choose your RV roller blind size and color before checkout.

Contact us for more information about reselling our RV day and nightshades to your customers.

Day or Night Single Roller Shades

Combo Day/Night Roller Shades